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Annotated Bibliography 2


Beer, Chris. “The Contingent Public Value Of ‘Good Design’: Regulating The Aesthetics Of The

Australian Urban Built Environment.” Australian Journal Of Public Administration 73.2

(2014): 282-292. Business Source Complete. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.


In the article, The Contingent Public Value of ‘Good Design’: Regulating the Aesthetics of the Australian Urban Built Environment, proposes that the built environment in Australian cities should be more visually appealing. Aesthetic regulation is aimed to promote the good design and beauty but is not the only goal. The writer goes in depth about the history of aesthetic value. The manifestation of the concern of rapid urbanization stemmed from the ‘City Beautiful’ movement that arose from the United States. Public value today, is a rationale for aesthetic regulation but has not always been historically. Recently there has been studies aiming to analyze ‘the value of urban design’. The writer examines the specific forms of public value and how over-regulation and under-regulation would be a danger. Also about the issues in the design of greater regulatory practice. Finally it concludes that taste and good design remain controversial within the design between professionals.

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