Beans on Toast

This is a picture of beans on toast, a typical British dish that I have eaten since I was very young. I was born in America, but my mother was born in New Market, England, and grew up with many traditional British values and traditions. Because of this, my mom raised my siblings and me with many of these same mannerisms. My mother was definitely a direct socializing agent of my British side, because without her influence and her incorporation of British things, which she usually showed by certain meals we ate (i.e., Shepard’s Pie, beans on toast, fish and chips), my British heritage would definitely have been lost with how far immersed in American culture my family has become over time. Although this is true, I will keep passing British meals down in order to hang on to our culture, even though we do not have a deep immersion within it. It is still essential to have that connection and make sure it is not lost because no matter how far the generational line, being British is part of my family’s history.