Beans on Toast

This is a picture of beans on toast, a typical British dish that I have eaten since I was very young. I was born in America, but my mother was born in New Market, England, and grew up with many traditional British values and traditions. Because of this, my mom raised my siblings and me with many of these same mannerisms. My mother was definitely a direct socializing agent of my British side, because without her influence and her incorporation of British things, which she usually showed by certain meals we ate (i.e., Shepard’s Pie, beans on toast, fish and chips), my British heritage would definitely have been lost with how far immersed in American culture my family has become over time. Although this is true, I will keep passing British meals down in order to hang on to our culture, even though we do not have a deep immersion within it. It is still essential to have that connection and make sure it is not lost because no matter how far the generational line, being British is part of my family’s history.

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  1. I like how even though our generation and your families further generations are immersed in American culture, your mom gave you the opportunity to retain your British Culture. This is similar to my culture because my mother cooks traditional Indian food at home. I normally eat anything I want when I’m outside of the house but when I’m home, I get a chance to eat my cultures food. I can then show this type of food to my eventual children so that they know their heritage and have a piece of it to take along with them no matter where they go. I think this is a good example of cultural adjustment.

  2. I love that fact that your family still kept their traditions from their culture and passed it down to you. My family is German and we do the same! It’s always interesting to see what is incorporated traditionally when someone immigrates to a new country. Personally, I know my family put some twists and turns on some of the traditions, but they also stayed true to their country in many other aspects. I also agree and think this is a great example of cultural adjustment and really enjoyed reading your perspective.

  3. Agents of socialization, we have many throughout our lives, though none may be as influential as our parents. This post spoke to me for several reasons, one, my mother also has me eating food that people from other cultures may view as strange. But they took place during a formative time in my life so even to this day i’ll eat certain things and it’s a result of my upbringing.

  4. Wow beans on toast is actually surprisingly really good! I I love how your mom made sure to incorporate her British culture into your upbringing even though its a small aspect of your identity. I think its really important to highlight all aspects your identity no matter how small they are. every single incorporation contributed to your identity and when you pass down those same traditions you will be the British socializing agent for your kids too. Food is honestly the easiest most enjoyable way to keep a culture alive no matter how small of an impact it has in the socialization process.

  5. This is honestly the first time that I have heard of this! it sounds interesting. My family is from the south, and we have a weird tradition we do every Sunday night. My family gathers at my grandparents house for breakfast for dinner! The food that most people find odd is bacon with syrup!

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