Finding Haitian Culture


The painting to the left is a traditional Haitian painting of a neighborhood market. I really like this painting not only because of the bright colors (which is a very common thing in Haitian art) but because how real it look to me. It looks like something I’ve seen in real life when vising Haiti and walking through the market down the street from my great aunt’s house. I especially like the center of the focal point, the man and woman looking into each others eyes as they help each other to lift a basket of yams. My family and I bought this painting in Savannah, Georgia. My family and I, when we first moved to Georgia, used to visit Savannah a lot. We loved going there because there was surprisingly Haitian culture there. We would go up and down River street going into art galleries looking for Haitian paintings to buy and see. We were looking for any sign of our culture in Georgia. When we moved, we left a very large Haitian community; reaching Georgia was a kind of culture shock not hearing Haitian Creole being spoke at the corner store or at church. Before we found a Haitian community here, going to Savannah was really pivotal because it gave us something to hold onto in between visiting out family and culture community up north. Apparently in the revolutionary war, a group of Haitians fought for the United States and lost their lives contributing to the siege of Savannah. Its said that this group of solders were so pivotal to the siege that Savannah would not have won without their effort. The monument is the picture on the right. Seeing our culture on display in such a new place felt amazing. It reminded us that our culture can be meaningful anywhere. 

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  1. I love seeing art from other cultures depicted in America because they serve as a reminder that America is a melting pot of many diverse cultures. Coming from a Guyanese family moving to Georgia was a surreal experience. In New York you can alway find people around you with the same culture. However, the cultures in Atlanta are far from being as diverse. Being Guyanese in Atlanta felt weird and sometimes lonesome until we found a caribbean community in the area. Its beautiful to see how your own culture can have a huge impact of those of others.

  2. I did not know that bit of history about the Haitians aiding the US independence. It’s great that you were able to utilize the monument and the history imbued within it to feel more comfortable in the US. If you know how your culture relates to another one in a historical context, it’s easier to see where you yourself fit in the picture.

  3. I love this very positive post. I too had no idea about the Haitian contribution to Savannah. How uplifting it must be to see a physical monument symbolizing another culture’s thanks to your own for their existence and assistance. It’s this side-by-side living and integrating that gives hope for the future!

  4. This picture really depicts the Haitian culture. Not only does it have bright colors, but it also shows the communism within the culture. No matter how many years go by, several of the customs have remained the same. I never knew about the prominence the Haitian culture held in Savannah. I definitely going to visit down there and see what it’s all about.

  5. The way you described the painting and sense of community is so beautiful and relatable. It is always refreshing to be reminded of how, whether we know it or not, there is a piece of everyone in every place.

  6. I really love the painting, the colors are so bold and beautiful. This painting reminds me of some of the African art we have at home. I had no idea that there was a Haitian community in Savannah. However, now that you discuss the Haitian involvement in the revolutionary war it makes sense that there is a Haitian presence in the area.

  7. I love that you were able to find some aspects of your culture here in Georgia. I am sure that helped you to feel more at home here and helped you to transition. I think the artwork you posted is beautiful and I did not know that fact about the Revolutionary war.

  8. As an immigrant myself I can easily relate to how you and your family may have felt finding this art representative of your country and culture. In my opinion, art is essential in culture because it depicts the traditions and customs.

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