GSU Pre-Law Society

Thank you for your interest in the GSU Pre-Law Society (formerly known as Pre-Law Club)! We are a group of pre-law students who are preparing for successful and fulfilling legal careers. To this end, we engage in a variety of activities, including, but not limited to …

  • hosting socials for having fun and getting informed and connected;
  • organizing law school information sessions;
  • bringing in lawyers, judges, and scholars as guest speakers;
  • conducting law school application workshops;
  • and touring courts and law schools.

Make sure to sign-up for the Society on PIN (Panther Involvement Network) and like us on Facebook in order to hear more about our meetings and events.


We hope you will join us!

For information about joining the Pre-Law Society, go to our GSU PIN page.

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And you can reach us anytime via email at

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