Welcome to GSU Pre-Law!

Are you a pre-law student? That is, are you thinking about going to law school someday? Then you have come to the right place! This site provides information and resources to help you …

  • make an informed decision about whether to go to law school;
  • discover the type of legal career you will find most fulfilling;
  • discover and join pre-law student groups on campus;
  • hear about events and opportunities of relevance to GSU pre-law students;
  • choose an academic course of study that will prepare you for success in law school and beyond;
  • learn why it is important to seek internships and other experiential learning opportunities;
  • learn what you should do during your freshman, sophomore and junior years to prepare yourself for one day getting accepted into a good law school;
  • learn what you must do your junior and senior years to be successful in the law school admissions process;
  • make an informed decision about where to go to law school; and
  • find people on and off campus to go to for pre-law advice.

The page called “Get News,” is a blog where GSU pre-law news is posted. These blog posts are the best source of information about events and opportunities of relevance to GSU pre-law students. To receive this breaking information, it is a good idea to join the GSU Pre-Law Email List. By joining that list, you will receive a weekly digest listing all new posts to this site. It is important to join the Pre-Law Email List anyway because it is the best way to get and stay connected to the GSU pre-law community.

There are two other ways to stay informed about pre-law opportunities for GSU students. First, you can join Pre-Law Society and/or other pre-law student groups on campus. Second, you can click on this link to join the GroupMe for CASA Pre-Law. CASA Pre-Law is GSU’s innovative official centralized pre-law advising program headed by Professor Ryan Grelecki. Specifically, CASA Pre-Law has three main declared goals: “1) help students discover whether the study and practice of law are a good fit for their academic, professional, and personal goals; 2) provide pre-law mentoring and opportunities that hone interests and keeps students on track toward successful law school bids and progressions; and 3) maintain a legal internship program through local and regional firms.”

This website was created and is maintained by Dr. Michael Evans from the Department of Political Science. Requests and suggestions for improving the site should be directed to him. Dr. Evans is a member of GSU’s extended network of pre-law advisers. To learn more about that network, and ways in general to seek advice about law school and law careers, check-out the page called “Get More Advice.”