Application Due May 17 for Chance to GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS to FREE HIGH QUALITY LSAT PREPARATION from Khan Academy

As most of you already know, Khan Academy is famous for providing free high quality educational materials for nearly every subject taught in K-12 and also for standardized tests, like the SAT. As the video above shows, Khan Academy has recently announced a new partnership with Law School Admissions Council to produce free high quality LSAT preparation lessons. The hope is that all students will gain free access to the kind of LSAT test prep materials that often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars through traditional LSAT prep courses.

Khan Academy is not planning to make the course publicly available until August of 2018 at the earliest. HOWEVER, thanks to the outreach efforts of Professor Michael Shapiro from the Department of Criminal Justice, GSU students have a unique opportunity to apply to become members of Khan Academy’s “LSAT Student Advisory Board.” This is probably the single best opportunity to come across my desk all year. If you plan to prepare for the LSAT between now and next spring, I strongly encourage you to consider applying to join the small (50-student) Board. If you are selected, you will be granted IMMEDIATE FREE ACCESS to their LSAT prep materials. In exchange, you simply need to agree to provide monthly feedback to Khan Academy about the prep materials.

The application is short and simple. If you take the time to write thoughtful responses to the open-ended questions, it will probably take you about 30 minutes to complete the application. That’s a tiny investment of time for an opportunity with a potentially huge reward (i.e., a higher LSAT score and, thus, greater ability to get into the good law school of your choice).

The application is due no later than May 17 at 5:00pm Pacific Time (8:00pm Eastern Standard Time). If you apply and are accepted to the Board, please send me (Dr. Michael Evans) a quick email to let me know ( And if you would like advice related to your application, feel free to contact Professor Shapiro and/or myself. Here’s the link again for accessing the application form.