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For more than 50 years, the mission of the Perimeter College Arts and Humanities Department has been to foster student success. To accomplish this, we focus on providing outstanding instruction, excellent facilities, advanced technology and diverse opportunities within a liberal arts setting. An education in the arts and humanities at Perimeter College equips our students with the skills and habits of mind that enable them to become self-motivated learners who flourish, actualize their potential and generate a positive impact on the world.

The Department of Fine Arts at Georgia State University Perimeter College is a multi-disciplinary department offering instruction in art, music, theatre, and film. Here’s a closer look:


Our art faculty train students for creative work and scholarship through rigorous course offerings and exceptional facilities. An emphasis on portfolio preparation in all classes makes Perimeter College graduates highly successful in transferring to bachelor degree programs. We offer courses in art history, drawing, photography, painting, ceramics, two- and three-dimensional design, and sculpture. Learn More




The study of music at Perimeter College helps students develop foundational skills in the classroom and on stage. Led by professional faculty, students learn theory and performance techniques and gain experience in the classical and jazz traditions through solo and ensemble performances. Learn more.


We offer small class sizes, professional theatre faculty, “on-the-job” training and work on high-quality theatrical productions. Students are well-prepared for further college study or entry into the job market. Areas of specialization include acting, directing, theatre history and criticism, playwriting, design, theatre technology, theatre studies (education) and creative drama. 
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Film examines the analysis, history, theory and critique of the film industry, allowing students to learn how art, business and technology combine to create films that express our 21st century culture. Students will be able to examine the convergence of art, technology, industry, politics and culture and learn to think critically about movies and other forms of visual media. They will learn how cinematography, lighting, music and sound design reinforce the themes and character development in films. The film pathway also is designed to help students smoothly transition to the bachelor’s degree program at Georgia State University, where film is one of the most popular majors.
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