Why Participate?

There are many reasons to not only attend but also to participate.

Get inspired
Discover what others are trying in their classes. Discuss what kinds of lessons innovative instructors have learned, so that you can blaze paths of your own.

Share your ideas
Participate in a community instructors committed to deepening student learning.

Network with peers
Connect with others who share your interests.

Strengthen your vita
Present a paper or poster, or organize and/or participate in a symposium or panel discussion. Proposals are due on March 15. Check out the Submit a Proposal page for more information.

Your Hosts

Georgia State's Instructional Innovation Conference is co-hosted by the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII).

Contact Us

Center for Instructional Innovation (CII)
website: cii.gsu.edu
email: exchange@gsu.edu
phone: (404) 413-4700.