Our plant sales support most of the garden’s daily needs. Sales are held weekly during our Seminar Series in the Spring and Fall.

Our inventory consists mainly of plants native to Georgia. Plants propagated by our staff are rarely, if ever, treated with pesticides. Our main treatments for pests include soap and water mix, lady bug application and insecticidal soap. We want our plants to be useful for pollinator gardens as well as serve as a food source for native insects.

Our Plant Sales for the season will be held on Fridays and Saturdays beginning March 29th & 30th 2019.

All Plant Sale Hours are 10am – 2pm. We are only able to accept CASH or CHECK at this time.

An updated inventory will be posted before the start of spring sales. Check back in March.


Plant Sale Dates

March 29th

March 30th

April 5th

April 6th

April 12th

April 13th

April 19th

April 20th

April 26th

April 27th

May 3rd

May 4th

May 10th

May 11th

May 17th

May 18th