Keynote – 2022

The Keynote speakers for the 35th Annual Conference are Dr. Pamela Seda and Dr. Kyndall Brown, authors of Choosing To See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom

Their presentation is titled: It’s Time to Move From Equity Talk to Action 

Ever since NCTM put forward its equity principle in 2000, math educators have grappled with making equitable math instruction a reality. In this presentation, participants will learn how to use a math equity framework to implement practical strategies that create more equitable outcomes for all students, including those from marginalized groups.

Dr. Kyndall Brown

Kyndall Brown has over 35 years of experience in mathematics education. Kyndall holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, master’s degrees in computer-based education and mathematics education, and a Ph.D in Education. He was a secondary mathematics teacher for 13 years. He has been a professional development provider for schools and districts in Los Angeles County for over 25 years. He is currently the executive director of the California Mathematics Project. He presents at local, state, and national conferences on mathematics education. He writes articles for mathematics education publications. His research focuses on the impact of culture and identity on the ways that African-American males learn mathematics. He is the co-author of the book Choosing To See: A Framework For Equity In The Math Classroom.

Dr. Pamela Seda

Dr. Pamela Seda is a veteran math educator with over 30 years of experience.  She is the owner of Seda Educational Consulting, creator of The VANG Game math card game, and co-author of the book, Choosing to See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom. Dr. Seda received a Bachelor’s degree in Math Education from the University of South Florida, a Master’s degree in Math Education from Georgia State University, and a Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Math Education from Georgia State University.  She has held various positions in math education including high school math teacher, instructional coach, college math instructor, and district math supervisor.  She is currently the Professional Learning Director for NCSM Math Education Leadership and the Treasurer for the Benjamin Banneker Association.  Dr. Seda is passionate about changing how students experience mathematics, especially those from marginalized groups, and advocates for mathematics instruction that develops all students as mathematical thinkers and problem-solvers.