Past Conference Proceedings

The 33rd Annual Conference, February 2020

2-Teaching Introductory Statistics- Ask Good Questions – Allan Rossman

8-Teaching to Facilitate Self-directed Learning – Diana McGinnis

18-Increasing Self-Regulation: A Way to Improve Learning for All Students – Dr. Jane Reed

20-Three Ways to Coreq with a Low Cost Math Solution – Paul Golisch

22-Using Edfinity (NSF Award #1758301) -an affordable, textbook-agnostic homework system -to reach every student – Sid Grover


The 32nd Annual Conference, February 2019

1-Old school and new school engagement strategies – Keisha Brown

3-The Mathematics of Bees and Beekeeping – Robert Pruvenok

4-Exploring Volumes Using Geometry, Algebra and Calculus – Tom Cooper

6-New Corequisite Solutions with Mindset Emphasis – Calandra Davis

8-Acceleration and Intervention in Corequisite Courses – Kate Wise

9-OHM: Fully Customizable Math Solution… – Chris Holder

A-I Didn’t Know College Was Going To Be This Hard – Lynda Cain

C-Infinity Wars: Convergent Sequences of Real and Complex Exponentials – David Vogel & Jonathan Joe

E-Achieving Fairness in the Mathematics Classroom – Paula Krone

J-The Plickers Response System – Michael Hammock

8-Matrices and Cryptography – Chi Luong


The 31st Annual Conference, February 2018

Keynote presentation – Dr. Willie Rockward

1. College Algebra with Support A Total Transformation – Andrea Hendricks & Sharon Weltlich

2-CoReq Courses Your Way – Calandra Davis & Naomi Bahary

3 – Service Learning in an Online Math Course – Dr. Kimberly Bennekin

5 – AMATYC: What’s the hype?! – Stephanie Garofalo

5 – What I Learned at AMATYC – Robert Pruvenok

8 – Designing Digital Assessments for Maximum Impact – Willem Wallinga

9 – ALEKS in Math 1111 and Math 0999 – Ginny Powell

11 – Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater – Keisha Brown

14 – Quantitative Literacy More Than Ever Before – Bill Briggs

17 – Helping Students Learn How to Approach Problem-Solving Situations – Dr. Skelton, Dr. Lewkowicz-

G – Ready or not-Pretests as a predictor for success in Calc 1- Steven Wallace, Blanche Presley, Gaston Brouwer

S7 – Wonder of Square – Shenghang Wang