“Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces”: thoughts and conversations


Screenshot from the online article: "Holistic landscapes" section

Screenshot from the online article: “Holistic landscapes” section

“…increased technology use within today’s multitasking society is likely to hijack a student’s attentional resource placing her/him at risk of underachieving academic learning goals and undermining success at a university (Fried, 2008; Tennessen, & Cimprich, 1995; Wentworth & Middleton, 2014)” (paragraph 3).

Is it possible that “older” people, who grew up with less digital technology have a harder time valuing the kind of attention required of the kind of rapid tech living we do today?

“Although university culture places demands on students’ cognitive abilities, campus natural open spaces have not been systematically examined for their potential in replenishing cognitive functioning for attentional fatigued students.” (paragraph 3).

Ah… exigency. This is the “gap in the research” these authors aim to address.

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