Midterm Reflection: The Road Ahead

During the beginning of the new semester, I knew that English 1102 would be a far more rigorous course than 1101. Majority of the time in 1101, my class were working on essays and research papers. Now however, I know realize that this is not a traditional English course. From the very beginning, this class has focused more on technology then actual written work. Only recently am I now receiving grades to know what skills that I need to improve on. One of my biggest faults that I’ve always had as a writer is that I’m a bit of a scatter brain. When I start writing, the ideas from my head begin to flow out through the pencil. The problem however, is that it never comes out on congruently and a lot of my work contains run-on sentences. This caused my work to lose points on careless mistakes. I hope by the time this course, my writing skills would have drastically improved. ¬†With this class being graded on a point system, I am given many opportunities to different assignments to boost my grade point pool. Have completed many different online quizes, ¬†that are on the Guide to First-Year Writing Book as well as turned in the major projects in on time. If I continue what I’m doing now, I am guaranteed to finish this course with an A. The project that I enjoyed the most was the built-environment assignment I did on Downtown Decatur. I had a great time taking pictures and documenting what I saw while I was there and felt it was a very important way for me to be apart of the Atlanta Community. With my continued sucess in the class, I am very impressed by the amount of effort that I have put into the course. Since making an A in English 1002, I knew I had to continue this trend into the new















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