Summarization of Emily Bazelon’s ‘Making Bathrooms More ‘Accomodating’

Emily Bazelon’s article, ‘Making Bathrooms More Accommodating’, unmasks the fore-judged entanglement of “accommodation” concerning restrooms. Generally, males and females thoughtlessly restrict themselves to entering spaces designed specifically for their particular sex: “Men on one door, WOMEN on the the other (Bazelon par. 1).” However, transgender people challenge our initial cognitive law that prohibits genders to interchangeably enter restrooms without being frowned upon.

gender separation 2
google depiction of women v. women leaving transgender people as a non factor

In the beginning of the article, Bazelon states the fashion, form, and manner fixated in society’s view of bathrooms in which claims that bathrooms are a safe haven that separates men and women. Women and men accept that bathrooms were designed for their best fit which separates the sexes. Although, this idea excludes transgender people and causes them to be dismissed in places they feel they belong. Bazelon’s example, reveals the story of “a transgender high school student that was refused the right to change in the girls’ locker room even with her passport identifying her as a female.(Bazelon PAR. 4) Instances such as these raise inquiry among the community forcing change to be put forth.

google depiction of gender equality

Consequently, accommodation for transgender people must takes place. Bazelon describes accommodation best as “a word that involves moving over to make room for other people, whether you want it or not(PAR 5).” With social standards prohibiting transgender people from public bathrooms, the transgender people are limited single stall bathrooms which aren’t always available. So the question rose is society really accommodating or are the “transgender people doing all the accommodating(PAR 7).” At the end of the day, a transgender person is no less of a person that you are and should be allowed the opportunity to dictate where they micturate.


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