“Architectural Exclusion” by Sarah Schindler Summary

Sarah Schindler, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Maine School of Law, presents a creditable, well detailed article depicting the “tactics” of racial architectural artists. Schindler claims that architects subliminally blind and intentionally separate our society using additional “exclusionary” designs. In Schindler’s words, “The built environment is characterized by man-made features that make it difficult for certain individuals- often poor people and people of color- to access certain places.”

Throughout the article, Schindler describes different aspects of the built structures that separate our community. One specific scenario expresses the discrimination within our city lines of Atlanta, Ga. Our own “Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority, aka MARTA, vocally chose to deteriorate African American’s opportunities by letting northern white residents refuse the expanse of the transportation route. This decision deprives African American’s of the chance to succeed just by keeping their source of transportation away fromĀ areas where jobs are flourishing most. The routes keep African American’s captivated within the routes lines and force them settle for a job in which they make barely enough to get by. The point is for whites to dominate their domain, job and neighborhood and be left unbothered by colored competition.

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