Inside The Tunnel: A summary on Morton’s book

Morton depicts a part of New York City that is overlooked. New York is known as a tourist place and is visited by many. The city has done a good job at keeping the tunnels and poor parts out of sight. What is so unique about Morton’s book The Tunnel is that she doesn’t just use her voice to tell the story. She uses the voice of people that live in tunnels. Bernard who is the main leader (“Lord of the tunnel”) is the one that guided Morton through the tunnel. Many people that live in the tunnel did not end up there because they gave up on life or didn’t want a job, they ended up there because they needed a different lifestyle. They felt like the outside world was controlled too much by material things. In the tunnel they learned how to be humble and appreciate the smaller things. They actually create a small home inside the tunnel. They collect different materials that they find useful, and they create a room/space to live in. Many went to the tunnel because of personal issues they faced such as: divorce, family issues, or psychological issues. In the tunnel many find themselves but, Bob says that once you find yourself you have to leave the tunnel because it will consume you. This shows that being homeless is not just based on an economic issue but it’s a choice that people make based on where they are in their life.


Many form bonds in the tunnel. Some form familiar bonds through marriage, and some take stray animals under their care. They do not see themselves as society describes them. They see themselves as hard workers because they have to work for what they have. The Tunnel really highlights the true aspect of a homeless person. It is not just a state of living on the street but a mental issue. The pictures also help the reader to better connect to the people and the situation in which they live. The pictures being black and white provides a very simplistic view, and makes it easier to focus on what is being captured


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