Fundraising, Treats and Other News

Dear New Voices followers:

This has been an interesting month in New Voices development.

First, we had a very successful cake raffle. The winner was Dr. Smolinski, who shared with the department. I hope you got some!

Laura Anderson (our cake maker) also made cake pops and other treats. They were amazing, and we managed to raise almost $85! Thanks to all who came and snacked.

In other news – the mugs came in and are being delivered to faculty members in the department. I lost the charger to my camera, so I haven’t been able to snap a photo. Soon though. Soon.

And – we have begun a book drive. Sigma Tau Delta has been kind enough to put their Better World Book collection on hold so we can start collecting a few sell-able books for fundraising. Please come by the bins on the 9th floor of GCB and deposit your old trashy novels and textbooks you never managed to sell back!

You may have found a flier in your box – and if you don’t have a box, Old Books Wanted, in the flier.


Last, but certainly not least, Anne Melfi made the minutes, and here they are, in case you need to catch up on all the little details:

Minutes–19 September 2012



We really need all hands on deck for the bake sale fundraiser coming up in late October. So if you want to help – please come to the next meeting. I will post it soon.

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