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  • Academic Institutions not part of Georgia State University
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Arcturus XT Micro Dissection System with Nikon Eclipse Ti Microscope

Arcturus Microdissection System 921

Microgenomic technologies provide the tools necessary to examine expression profiles from samples as limited as a single cell. Laser capture micro-dissection (LCM) is an advanced separation technology that enables the isolation of desired pure cell populations from heterogeneous tissue samples. LCM utilizes an infrared laser pulse system which adheres cells of interest to a transparent thermoplastic film, preserving essential cellular and morphological characteristics, while maintaining the integrity of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins. UV laser cutting may also be utilized in conjunction with LCM allowing for the rapid isolation of larger populations of cells.

Laser capture (5-10 micron section)

UV cutting laser (up to 50 micron thickness)

Isolate cells for DNA/RNA and Protein extraction.



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