The Laboratory Supervisor’s office is located here as well as bench space for those who need sterile, low traffic environment or additional bench space to perform experiments.  This room has 3 aisles of bench space for specialized techniques.

921 door

921 door

All equipment has instructions for use by them, however, the Laser Micro Dissection System, TriCarb 2910 Liquid Scintillation Analyzer, and iMark Absorbance Plate reader requires training prior to use.

Upon entrance to 921 immediately to your right is the core -80 freezer, opposite of door is the dry ice container.  The ultrapure water system is on the first sink.

The Sorval RC 5B Refrigerator Centrifuge and MicroMax RF Ultra Refrigerated Centrifuge is also located here.

An ultra Balance and scale are available for use.

Basic laboratory glassware, equipment, pipettes, shakers, vortexers and supplies necessary to use the equipment and conduct are research are available in the laboratory.

The 1st  aisle is primarily used for autoradiography (isotopes) and staining due to the hood in the end corner and open bench space with radiation waste containers under the counter.



The 2nd aisle has two benches: one side houses the laser microdissection system, opposite side the 2 incubators  with working bench and shelf space, open for use as needed by Neuroscience users and affiliates.

The 3rd aisle supplies working space for techniques such as in situ hybridization and biological assays.

This laboratory space is adaptable to meet the needs of the researcher when space is limited or requires specific work environment. Please contact Mary Karom at to request allotted space specific to your needs.

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