COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID 19 – Core Laboratory Spaces (7th, 8th and 9th floor, PSC)

 Face masks must be worn when using Core Laboratory spaces.

  • Signage related to face covering, social distancing and hand washing will be posted at room entrances and throughout the rooms.
  • PSC 921, 863/841 & 753 will be unlocked 24/7 and doors will be propped open or locks removed for push access.
  • The Core Supervisor (Mary Karom) will disinfect all equipment & frequently touched surfaces MWF mornings.
  • 70% ethanol and paper towels will be available in all rooms for disinfecting by researchers before and after using equipment.
  • Wash your hands or don fresh gloves when entering Core Lab spaces. We currently provide masks and gloves in all Core Lab spaces (and will continue to do so, pending availability).
  • Materials brought into core rooms should be placed on bench paper and disinfected with 70% ethanol. Discard the bench paper prior to leaving the room.
  • Experiments performed in the 9th floor Core Lab will be limited to two or fewer people per work bench.
  • Researchers using common freezers, refrigerators and ice machines will maintain social distancing.
    • Take turns removing or placing items in the units.
    • Wear gloves and disinfect or wash your hands before opening and after closing doors or using the ice scoop.
  • Advise the core supervisor if a common use hood will be needed for more than 30 minutes to reserve the space.
  • Equipment training and/or assistance will be scheduled in advance by emailing Mary Karom (
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