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Political Ad: Donald Trump

Immediately, Trump detaches himself from contemporary politics through the juxtaposition of images that open the advertisement. While the first image projects a strong, independent Trump, the subsequent shot of Clinton and Obama makes both politicians appear secretive and untrustworthy. These headshots are replaced by images of terrorists that equate Obama and Clinton to “radical Islamic terrorism,” an assertion that a vote for Clinton resembles a vote for criminal, un-American ideals. The emphasis of certain quotes from Trump characterize his diversion from political correctness, which appeal to his extremely conservative constituents who make up the core of his electorate.


However, a description of the ban on Muslim immigrants is accompanies by images of terrorists, dressed in militaristic garments and surrounded by weapons. The blatant connection of the Muslim faith to terrorism alienates this group of American society, as well as immigrants who differ from traditional US customs and cultures. Later in the ad, descriptions of a wall along the southern border of the United States condemn the mass influx of immigrants from beyond US borders. Trump allocates responsibility for payment to the Mexican government, and further isolates the US from surrounding nations. He equates this blockade of diverse races and religions to the US as his idea of a great America, which ostracizes many groups within the diverse population of the US.

nbritton1 • October 25, 2016

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