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Group Discussion Reflection

img_2787-1Thursday after class, Jenn, Max, Harry and I met to discuss the annotated bibliographies due on Friday. We reviewed our first bibliography that was due Tuesday, to see what revisions we could make based on the workshop in class. I could devote more of mine to an explanation of an articles’ relevance to my overall theme, and I did that with the next two annotations by writing a one paragraph summary and using another paragraph to explain why I chose the article. Before we left, we reviewed how to submit our annotations on Zotero; Max had helped me submit mine last time, and since I knew I would not be with my peers when I submitted the next two, I needed to make sure I could do it on my own. Overall, I have a better understanding of the purpose of an annotated bibliography, and I feel more comfortable with Zotero- I am already using the website for other classes.

nbritton1 • September 18, 2016

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