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Group Discussion

I wanted to clarify what was due tomorrow for class , and how to properly use the Zotero library to create an annotated bibliography and submit it on our class website. I asked other members of the cluster if they could meet after class, and six of us met in the study room of floor ten in University Commons. First, we discussed what was due for class prep on Tuesday, and what we would have to do to create a proper annotated bibliography. Next, we all logged into our Zotero account to practice saving articles to our library, and to explore how to create a bibliography in our notes. Next, we all looked for articles that dealt with our built environment. I found mine on the library’s website in the archives. Later, Max helped me figure out how to use Zotero to MLA cite my articles in my annotation. Ultimately, the group discussion clarified the use of the technology we employ in class, and its efficiency over traditional forms of citation and research. I also practiced communication and cooperation with other members of the class, as everyone had legitimate questions and concerns about the proper way to fulfill the assigned homework.

Group discussion

Group discussion

nbritton1 • September 13, 2016

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