King Plow Arts Center (Interior Built Environment)



According to the website for King Plow Arts Center (KPAC), KPAC is an art exhibit and work studio that is housed in a building that interestingly enough used to be a plow factory. The building now serves as a place where artists can create and display their art. When I was inside the building it was very quiet and I noticed it smelled like a library; that is to say it had that musty book smell. Additionally, and this may seem funny, but the other thing that stuck out to me was how shiny the floors are. During my visit, I only saw less than a handful of people and a number of paintings, pictures, sculptures, and machines in each of the rooms and hallways.




When I first entered the building I found myself in a long hallway that branched off into these rooms and studios along the sides. The building made me feel safe and at peace. It had this laid back atmosphere while at the same having an air of formality like one would expect from a museum. I suppose the latter isn’t too surprising because in many ways this space does serve as a museum for what the building once was. The lighting of the building was surprisingly dim, complementing the dark colors of the space: green paint (and a few green lights), black paint, rusty reds in the form of bricks and signage, and brown wood; all of these things added to the relaxed atmosphere. The space had a distinct industrial style to it, with its exhibits of cogs, metal sculptures, mechanical machines, wooden work benches, and wooden beam ceilings. There are even black and white photos hanging on the walls of the building hearkening back to when it was still a plow factory. This building also home numerous paintings, beckoning and daring artists to create and display their own pieces.



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