Full Circle

Dear Mr. Lewis,

So much has happened in the lest section of your book MARCH: Book Three. Bloody Sunday where you were injured, Jimmie Lee Jackson was murdered by police, Malcom X was assassinated, the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, and you went separate ways from the SNCC due to differing opinions in what the movement should move toward next. The illustrations helped put the intensity of the violence into perspective, and the message it conveyed was so powerful it made me feel the entirety of the Civil Rights Movement more than I ever thought possible. The final events in the book were the final drop of hope that black people were clinging on too. Between the murders of Malcom X and Jimmie Lee Jackson, the march from Selma to Montgomery was a last resort to show the endurance for pain and disappointment, to show no matter how many attempts are made to silence their voices, they will always find a way to be heard.

Barack Obama and John Lewis

The strongest part of this book was the mention of former president Barack Obama. For you to meet him it shows the full circle of events. From the discrimination that you faced, the brutal attacks and heartbreaking setbacks all to be able to have your voices heard, to seeing all of your hard work pay off. Having a black president puts into perspective how far we have come as a country. Although as a whole we still face discrimination we have made some steps int he right direction, and have gotten to a place where we can hear each other, listen to the opinions of others, and mostly be able to acknowledge that we have a right to those opinions. Thank you for this book, and for shedding your own light on the events of the Civil Rights Movement.

Best Wishes,

Maddy Suarez

#OnePurpose #MovingForward

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