The 911 Call

The 911 phone call Patsy Ramsey made that December 26th, also points to the Ramsey’s involvement in the crime. According to the 911 operator who spoke with Patsy, the call “seemed rehearsed” (Moschella). Seeming rehearsed points to deception. Harvard educated author and lie detector, Jon Miltimore states, “Liars often rehearse their lies” (Miltimore). It is possible that Patsy could have rehearsed the 911 phone call to appear genuine, when it was not.

Multiple voices can also be heard in the 911 call. According to investigators and modern technology, three phrases from three different people can be heard at the end of the 911 call (Denver Post). Investigators can allegedly hear Mr. Ramsey saying, “’we’re not speaking to you’, before Mrs. Ramsey allegedly asks: ‘What did you do? Help me, Jesus’.” Burke can then be heard saying, “’what did you find?” (Denver Post). This would contradict Patsy’s earlier statement that Burke had been asleep all night and morning.

The repetition and transition of select words is another unusual aspect of the call. Patsy repeatedly uses the word ‘just’ in the 911 call. According to statement analyst, Mark McClish, “When people minimize their actions using the word “just” it is an indication they may have done more than what they are telling you” (McClish). This may mean Patsy was trying to minimize her actions regarding Jon Benet that morning. However, Patsy  switches from the words gone to missing when talking to the 911 operator. McClish states, “Truthful people will usually use the same language” (McClish). If Patsy was being truthful, why would she oddly switch these two words? Patsy appears to be deceptive when stating her daughter is missing, and then gone.

Patsy’s 911 call is abnormal when studied because it seems rehearsed, allegedly includes Burke Ramsey, despite the previous claim that he was asleep, and the repetition and shift of words.

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911: 911 Emergency. 
PR:   (Inaudible) police. 
911: What’s going on… 
PR:   755 Fifteenth Street
911: What is going on there ma’am? 
PR:   We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please.
911: Explain to me what is going on, ok? 
PR:   We have a, there’s a note left and our daughter is gone.
911: A note was left and your daughter is gone? 
PR:   Yes. 
911: How old is you daughter? 
PR:   She is six years old, she is blond…six years old.
911: How long ago was this? 
PR:   I don’t know. I just found a note and my daughter’s missing.
911: Does it say who took her? 
PR:   What? 
911: Does it say who took her? 
PR:   No, I don’t know it’s there…there is a ransom note here. 
911: It’s a ransom note? 
PR:   It says S.B.T.C. Victory…please.
911: Ok, what’s your name? Are you… 
PR:   Patsy Ramsey…I am the mother. Oh my God. Please. 
911: I’m…Ok, I’m sending an officer over, ok? 
PR:   Please. 
911: Do you know how long she’s been gone? 
PR:   No, I don’t, please, we just got up and she’s not here. Oh my God Please. 
911: Ok. 
PR:   Please send somebody. 
911: I am, honey. 
PR:   Please. 
911: Take a deep breath for me okay? 
PR:   Hurry, hurry, hurry. 
911: Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? 

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