What Happened

Though there are many different scenarios of what could’ve happened, many believe that Burke was responsible, and John and Patsy covered it up to protect their remaining child. Burke’s mental issues, quick temper, and history of violence as well as his disturbing behavior in the interviews following Jon Benet’s death lead to this conclusion. The ransom note and 911 call were staged by  John and Patsy to protect Burke. Jon Benet Ramsey’s murder has engulfed the media for over 20 years now because it shows that in our society, wealthy people get off easily. Though there is evidence pointing to Burke, John, and Patsy, they have all been cleared. FBI Agent and first responder to the Ramsey crime scene, Ron Walker stated, “The philosophy that was laid out for the police department that day was, we have to treat them with kid gloves… treat them with deference. As victims not as suspects. Because they were influential. They were wealthy” (CBS Real Crime). People are fearful to act when so much money is involved. A child’s murder remains unsolved because investigations were influenced by money and status.