April 25

Water Treatment

Water cannot be discarding untreated into lakes or streams due to environmental, and public health consideration. Primary Wastewater treatment uses physical separation methods to separate solids, particulate organic and inorganic material from water. Secondary anaerobic wastewater treatment involves a series of degradative and fermentative reactions carried out by prokaryotes in anoxic conditions. Secondary aerobic wastewater treatment uses oxidative degradation reactions carried off by microorganisms. There are advanced wastewater treatments as well. These treatments include tertiary treatment, physical-chemical treatment, or combined biological, physical treatment. Goals of advanced wastewater treatment typically include additional removal of organic matter and suspended solids. Due to new product bioremediation is needed for more than just priority pollutants. Things like fragrances, household products, and sunscreen, are continuously discharged into the environment through the release of untreated sewage.

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