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Nov 18

Dear John Lewis, 

I am writing you this letter because I recently read pages 110-173 of your book March. In this section of the book we see the struggles of African Americans as the fought for the right to vote. One thing that really struck a chord with me was when Fannie Lou Hamer explained the poor treatment of many other African Americans and herself when the were simply fight for their rights as citizens, which is something that The United Stated claimed to be an act of heroism when non-people of color when doing the same thing in the founding of this country. In this section we also see many leaders of the Black community, as Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, come together and work for a common goal even though they had different approaches.

               Seeing the obstacles, suffering, and dehumanization that many African Americans had to go through honestly angered me. Even though we constantly learn about the Civil Rights Movement throughout our lives as students, I am always disturbed by the hatred and discrimination during this time. The ides of not only hating someone but also denying them of their rights simply because of there race is disgusting.  Thinking about this hatred makes me wonder how many anti-black pro-segregation people acts as normal people in our society today without anyone remembering their past. It also makes me think about how hypocritical the American people can be. Simultaneously calming to be the land of the free where all men are created equally while also treating people as second-class citizens.  


In this section I think you are trying too display the hardships African Americans went through in order to gain their rights. I think you are doing this to Show us that is we also persevere we can face injustice in today’s day.


Morgan-Lee Blake







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