Alex Ben-Dor’s Timeline

What can be defined as the American Dream? As a child, we learn of our nation’s glorious united dream. To become a success in our contemporary society, happily married, with a beautiful family. As we age, and time progresses forward, our ‘American Dream’ changes as we grow and develop into something more individualistic, more unique to our brand of humanity. Our dreams can be considered our brand of humanity. Yet as i grew, I realized the American Dream seemed to mean success. And how does our society determine success? Through the things we own. We live in a society where people are judged by objects we own. From the houses, to cars, to fashion, and technology, we obsessed over tangible items we can show and share. Materialism consumes us. Yet growing up unmaterialistic, I wondered what would my dream look like? Studying objects i began to wonder what would i truly need as an adult versus what objects i wish and want to own. Want and need remain two entirely different things. With this timeline I explore objects that humans believe are ‘necessary’ compared to objects that remain necessary for our lives and well-being. My primary objective was to show how in our world of materialism, there exists only a few tangible objects humans actually need or should be condoned as ‘necessary’ objects for health or to survive. Objects  and peoples’ wants and needs for these objects are primarily prerogative and personal preference. For some objects like phones or cars, the need or want for an object remains completely subjective. Yet objects like toilet paper, and warmth and shelter are necessary for man’s survival.Objects’ significance is determined through individualistic opinion and also the emphasis a society may place on such objects. Approach this timeline with an open mind. I admit, even I feel like I couldn’t live without my cell phone or car, like the majority of Americans. Yet these objects did not exist centuries ago, and mankind did just fine. What truly makes an object necessary?

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