Actually An Annotation: Act Like A Student, Analyze (Video) Like A Teacher

Lee, Joon Sun, Herbert P. Ginsberg, and Michael D. Preston. “Analyzing Videos to Learn to Think Like an Expert Teacher.” Beyond the Journal, July 2007. Web. 28 Mar. 2016.

Joon Sun Lee is assistant professor of early childhood education at Hunter College of the City University of New York, Herbert P. Ginsburg a professor of psychology and education at  Columbia University, and Michael D. Preston of CCNMTL, executive director of NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education describe and discuss our experiences as university researchers integrating videos into courses on early childhood mathematics education in their paper, Analyzing Videos to Learn to Think Like an Expert Teacher. The authors relied heavily on primary sources like their personal experiences as researchers integrating videos into courses for childhood, conducting their own studies and recording their own information from said experiments. Their purpose in writing this article is to exhibit the positive effects of integrating videos into the mathematic curriculum of young children and to promote the integration of videos into common curriculum. The intended audience are those researching the effect of the introduction of digital spaces or rhetoric, including video, into curriculum and other teachers or professors. This article is useful because it exhibits first hand evidence of the usefulness of integrating digital rhetoric and/or spaces into early childhood curriculum, resulting in the advancement of analysis skills for the kids introduced. The article is useful to researchers, teachers, and kids who would benefit from integration or analysis of videos to improve analyzation skills.

Actually An Annotation: Analyzing Digital Spaces

Amant, Kirk St. “A Prototype Theory Approach to International Website Analysis and Design.” Technical Communication Quarterly 14.1 (2005): 73-91. Google Scholar. Web. 28 Mar. 2016.

Kirk Amant, Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication in the Department of English at East Carolina University, writes in his scholastic journal titled A Prototype Theory Approach to International Website Analysis and Design : ” As global online access grows,  Website designers find themselves creating materials for an increasing international audience. Cultural groups, however, can have different expectations of what constitutes acceptable Website design.” Aman relies heavily on secondary sources such as analyzing the way peoples from different cultures and demographics perceive online spaces, and primary sources such as his own personal research and statistical data as a Professor of Technical and Professional communication. His purpose is to provide a methodology for analyzing Websites that would help digital space creators to design more effective online materials. His work is useful because it provides researches, digital analyzers, users of the internet or an form of digital technology an outline or methodology for analyzing digital spaces. It also provides a guideline for creators of digital spaces or rhetoric to use to make the perception of their digital content positive or more widely received.

Analyzing Film and Other Digital Environments

Pavis, Patrice. Analyzing Performance: Theater, Dance, and Film. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan, 2003. Google Books. Google Books. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.
Patris Pavis, Professor for Theatre Studies at the University of Kent in Canterbury writes in his book, Analyzing Performance:Theater, Dance, and Film. Pavis heavily relied on his Ethos as a heavily accredited Professor of Theater Studies, using his knowledge in the field as his primary source. Paris Pavis’s purpose in composing this book is to inform and provide instruction to those who watch and properly analyze artistic outlets like film, theater, and dance. The intended audience are researchers, performers wanting to know how they will be analyzed, directors, production members for artistic showcases, other people in academia who analyze art forms. This is useful to others who analyze art because it provides credible direction outlining how properly to analyze art based of the form, making something as abstract as analyzing art into a more concrete action. For performers, this book is useful because it gives them an outline of how their performances will be perceived by those knowledgable in the art field. For researchers this book is useful because it provides them with information on how to further analyze art to be possibly used in their research.

Actually An Annotation: Goat Farm Pamphlet

Brownfields2013, comp. Goat Farm Handouts. Brownsfield2013. Print.
The compiler of this pamphlet Brownsfield: Sustainable Communities Start Here is a Conference and Environmental Initiative. In this pamphlet called Goat Farm Handouts Brownsfield inform the audience on Goat Farm Art Center, its environmental initiative, and the service that Goat Farm provides: “The Goat Farm hosts classical and contemporary music concerts, traditional and experimental theatrical performances, film screenings, contemporary dance performances, and art exhibitions. The Center’s vision is “to push culture forward through comprehensive support of the arts”(Goat Farm Handout). The purpose of this pamphlet is to provide information in regards to Goat Farm’s history, provided services, and environmental soundness.This pamphlet is intended to be read by members of the Brownfield Conference who afford awards and funding to companies who take on a positive environmental initiative. This is useful to provide researchers with information on the Goat Farm.

Actually An Annotation: Segregation via Contemporary Architecture

Caldeira, T. P. R. “Fortcified Enclaves: The New Urban Segregation.” Public Culture 8.2 (1996): 303-28. Web.
Teresa Caldeira, anthropologist and Professor of City and Regional Planning at University of California, Berkeley writes in her article Fortified Enclaves: The New Urban Segregation on how cities with the fortified enclave of urban contemporary architecture promote inequality and segregation: “Among the conditions necessary for democracy is that people acknowledge those from different social groups as cocitizens, i.e., as people having similar rights. If this is true, it is clear that contemporary cities which are segregated by fortified enclaves are not environments which generate conditions conducive to democracy” (Cladeira). Cladeira relied on the primary resources of her own personal research and analysis of her research. The authors purpose in writing this book is to provide a look into how architectural exclusion (specifically with urban contemporary architecture) can act as a mode of segregation. Her intended audience are researchers looking to understand the implications of the built environment and how it can be manufactured to promote inequities.This is useful because it brings to attention the insidious effect architecture has on  those living in the inner city.

Actually An Annotation: Implications of Life in an Urban Setting.

Katz, Peter, Vincent Joseph Scully, and Todd W. Bressi. The new urbanism: Toward an architecture of community. Vol. 10. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994.


Peter Katz works as a design and marketing consultant in California, San Francisco and Seattle, Washington. Katz studied architecture and graphic design at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York, Vincent Joesph Scully is Sterling Professor Emeritus of the History of Art in Architecture at Yale University and Todd W. Bressi is the leader of deisgn journal places and teaches Art in Architecture at the Penn and Pratt Institute. In their book The New Urbanism: Toward An Architecture of Community the esteemed authors write on the topic of New Urbanism: “A movement that seeks to put the basic amenities for communal living back into urban settings that otherwise lack said amenities like adequate transit, parks and recreational program, and others to allow for a comfortable home life in or on the outskirts of a major city” (Bressi, Katz, Scully). In this book the authors relied mostly on primary research such as collected statistical information, and data on the quality of life in inner cities developed by the three authors in their respective fields. The purpose of this book is to highlight the implications of having living communities within or just outside of a city and what that means for inhabitants in regards to having the amenities needed for living comfortably and to reveal the architectural solutions to this lack of amenities for urban living communities. The intended audience for this book are students and researchers looking to understand how architecture and other amenities effect quality of life within urban settings. This book is useful because it lays out a prospective plan to make living more comfortable for those within or on the outskirts of an urban setting.

Actually An Annotation: Transforming Contemporary Art in Urban Setting

Mikaili Armstrong

English 1102


23 February 2016



Guey, Lynne. “A 12-Acre ‘Goat Farm’ Is Transforming The Arts Scene In Atlanta.” Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc., 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.


Lynne Guey, Careers and War Room writer for the Business Insider’s website “” focuses on the industrial contemporary art space located in Atlanta called Goat Farm in her article: A 12-acre “Goat Farm” Is Transforming The Arts Scene In Atlanta:  “Since its inception in 2008, The Goat Farm Arts Center, a for-profit arts incubator located in West Midtown Atlanta, has become one of the most densely packed group of artists in the nation, with more than 450 artists and and more than 100 programs held annually(Guey).”For her article, Lynne relies heavily on primary sources, such as exploring Cabbagetown and writing first hand accounts of her surrounding area in which she lives.  Her purpose in writing this article is to create an informative piece on Goat Farm Contemporary Art Center and highlight the achievements made by the center within the Atlanta art scene. The intended audience for this informative piece is members of the Atlanta art scene and visitors or inhabitants of Atlanta looking to experience some of the Atlanta Art scene. This article is useful in providing general information on the origin of Goat Farm Contemporary Art Center and further information on what services they provide to the Atlanta art scene.

Actually An Annotation: Rebuilding Urban Neighborhoods

Keating, W. Dennis, and Norman Krumholz. Rebuilding Urban Neighborhoods: Achievements, Opportunities, and Limits. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1999. Print.
Highly renowned Emeritus professor of Urban Studies and Law  Keating, and Krumholz an esteemed tenured professor of Urban Studies  also at Cleveland State University write in Rebuilding Urban Neighborhoods on the social implications behind communal revitalization and gentrification stating that: “The books in this series look at cities from a multidisciplinary perspective affording students and practitioners a better understanding of the multiplicity of issues facing planning and cities and of emerging policies and techniques aimed at addressing those issues”(xi). This book acts as an expose or on the insidious social implications for people in an urban setting, focusing on section 8 housing or living in ghettos made by rebuilding communities. This book, written by esteemed researchers in the field of urban studies solidifying this piece’s logos, thus is written for other researchers as a secondary source on the topic of urbanism.  This is useful for academic scholars to come to an understanding on the implications of communal revitalization in an urban setting.

Actually An Annotation: Neighborhood Commercial Rehabilitation

Levatino, Adrienne M. Neighborhood Commercial Rehabilitation. Washington: National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, 1978. Print.
Adrienne M Levatino an esteemed member of the Illinois Department Of Financial and Professional Regulation, Loyola University of Chicago School of Law graduate and author of Neighborhood Commercial Rehabilitation writes in her book about the methods of gentrification and neighborhood revitalization used by local governments in order to increase communal property value and revenue. She relies heavily on government documents and first person accounts of the changes occurring within a neighborhood. Levatino’s purpose of writing this was to educate scholastic readers on the gentrification and revitalization of communities and its result on its lower socioeconomic inhabitants. This book is useful because it gives an insiders look into the government process of gentrification and revitalization process in addition to the social implications behind it.

Cabbagetown: Annotated Bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography


Hannah, Gina. “Cabbagetown, Atlanta: What It’s Like to Live Here.” GAC. Great American Country. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.



Gina Hannah, Great American Country writer, writes about the rich southern Appalachian history that makes up the foundation of Cabbagetown District, Atlanta in the name of her article titled: Cabbagetown, Atlanta: What its Like To Live Here. Hannah mostly utilizes the primary source by using the dérive form of collecting information about a place and sharing it with the world by going to the place itself with the purpose of sharing her experiences of the town. The purpose of this article is to describe Cabbagetown District Georgia, and encourage prospective travelers to visit the area. The prospective travelers who are considering visiting Cabbagetown; make up the intended audience. This article proves to be useful because it describes Cabbagetown, Georgia in a positive light, encouraging and resulting in an influx of tourists.