Actually An Annotation: Act Like A Student, Analyze (Video) Like A Teacher

Lee, Joon Sun, Herbert P. Ginsberg, and Michael D. Preston. “Analyzing Videos to Learn to Think Like an Expert Teacher.” Beyond the Journal, July 2007. Web. 28 Mar. 2016.

Joon Sun Lee is assistant professor of early childhood education at Hunter College of the City University of New York, Herbert P. Ginsburg a professor of psychology and education at  Columbia University, and Michael D. Preston of CCNMTL, executive director of NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education describe and discuss our experiences as university researchers integrating videos into courses on early childhood mathematics education in their paper, Analyzing Videos to Learn to Think Like an Expert Teacher. The authors relied heavily on primary sources like their personal experiences as researchers integrating videos into courses for childhood, conducting their own studies and recording their own information from said experiments. Their purpose in writing this article is to exhibit the positive effects of integrating videos into the mathematic curriculum of young children and to promote the integration of videos into common curriculum. The intended audience are those researching the effect of the introduction of digital spaces or rhetoric, including video, into curriculum and other teachers or professors. This article is useful because it exhibits first hand evidence of the usefulness of integrating digital rhetoric and/or spaces into early childhood curriculum, resulting in the advancement of analysis skills for the kids introduced. The article is useful to researchers, teachers, and kids who would benefit from integration or analysis of videos to improve analyzation skills.

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