Analyzing Film and Other Digital Environments

Pavis, Patrice. Analyzing Performance: Theater, Dance, and Film. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan, 2003. Google Books. Google Books. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.
Patris Pavis,┬áProfessor for Theatre Studies at the University of Kent in Canterbury writes in his book, Analyzing Performance:Theater, Dance, and Film.┬áPavis heavily relied on his Ethos as a heavily accredited Professor of Theater Studies, using his knowledge in the field as his primary source. Paris Pavis’s purpose in composing this book is to inform and provide instruction to those who watch and properly analyze artistic outlets like film, theater, and dance. The intended audience are researchers, performers wanting to know how they will be analyzed, directors, production members for artistic showcases, other people in academia who analyze art forms. This is useful to others who analyze art because it provides credible direction outlining how properly to analyze art based of the form, making something as abstract as analyzing art into a more concrete action. For performers, this book is useful because it gives them an outline of how their performances will be perceived by those knowledgable in the art field. For researchers this book is useful because it provides them with information on how to further analyze art to be possibly used in their research.

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