Exploring the High Museum of Art: Field Notes

Setting: Sunday; “good” weather ( 60s); first day of new Basquiat exhibit; around 1:30 pm; slightly busy;

Clean: Outside & inside, there is an abundance of spotless, white, surfaces; floors are shiny and spotless;

Airy: large, open spaces; large windows; easy navigation; wide, open passages and entryways allow for easy navigation even in large crowds; made to accommodate a constant flow of people; large rooms are designed to flow in the direction that the visitors would take to admire the art along the walls;

Light: Natural lighting through several large windows; simple colors used (White walls/paneling/front desk/etc. Light brown flooring, Employees wear black to contrast); floors are light brown wood; untinted white recessed lighting;well-lit throughout museum

Modern: hard lines; right corners; furniture, walls, floors, all feature straight & symmetrical lines. Minimal furniture or obstruction in passageways; White;

People: Broad range of visitors; Families, young couples, elderly couples, but mostly young adults, (no babies and very little middle-aged adults- may be due to specific exhibit visited); Employees: wear black, friendly, smiles and high energy; Security guards: constantly monitoring visitors, straight-faced, stern facial expressions, great posture, walk “with a purpose”; admiring the art; sitting on benches to stare/admire the art; walking slowly, taking pictures of artwork and of themselves next to artwork;

Sounds: Murmuring; hushed tones; not loud; (Except in the cafe area and gift shop); can hear the footsteps of the visitors

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