February 14

dear journal: memes have history

Dear Journal,

Memes, along with other forms of media, perfectly capture this shift to wanting a partner that is the full package. That’s right. I’ll be focusing on the “get you a man that can do both” and the “get you a girl that can do both” memes.

Time to go way, way, way back. Gotta love meme history.

So apparently the original meme was documented on February 14, 2016 on Twitter. The meme depicted a side-by-side comparison of the accomplished rapper Drake sporting a suit and tie in one picture and then in the other sweats and a Michael Jordan baseball cap to create a juxtaposition. It was captioned with “get you a man who can do both.” Within a month, Twitter user @MikeShotya received 15,200 likes and 11,500 retweets.


And it escalated quickly. Within days, new versions were emerging left and right on various social media platforms.


Then came the “get you a girl who can do both” memes…


Really the only consistency between these memes is the caption. Depending on the meme, it can be mocking the idea or be completely serious. The depicted individuals are a mixture of celebrities and “everyday commoners.” Although the less serious memes are more amusing, I’ll be analyzing on the memes with a more serious and literal tone.

Don’t fret— We’ll get to expectations, love, all that jazz these next couple of posts. Until next time, sweet memes & sleep tight,