December 7

dear journal: girls love girls and boys

Dear Journal,

Up to this point, every study and meme was heterosexually-oriented, specifically focusing on women’s dating standards of men and men’s dating standards of women. Well, what about the LGBTQQIP2SAA communities? Welcome to a heteronormative society. It literally took me forever to find a “get you a girl who can do both” meme that wasn’t heteronormative. I didn’t find a single meme targeting gay males.


I did stumble across this meme, presenting another angle by focusing on the transgender community.

It was the first time where the meme wasn’t addressing a “girl” or “guy” but by “someone” that can do both.

Of course, this was after digging through the internet. We never did see these memes become mainstream. Media appears to be filtering out any memes that are not heteronormative. But why? Although more people identify “heterosexual” than “homosexual” according to a recent Gallup poll, I still find it surprising how rarely I stumble across non-heternormative memes, especially considering how I am active on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and Pinterest.

Until next time, sweet memes and sleep tight,