Annotated Bibliography 2

Roy, Parama. “Collaborative Planning – A Neoliberal Strategy? A Study Of The Atlanta Beltline.” Cities 43.(2015): 59-68. ScienceDirect. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

Written by a Geo-sciences professor at Georgia State University, the article’s purpose is to assess the Atlanta BeltLine planning project. It will discuss the implications of the collaborative planning theory used for the BeltLine. It will also talk about how the collaborative planning theory could have been corrupted by market-driven decisions. The author proposes that market-driven decisions ruin the democratic process of planning. The example given is decisions regarding the historic Old Forth Ward neighborhood in Atlanta. This article will helpful to my research because it will give specific examples of the decisions for the BeltLine and how it changed historically African American neighborhoods like Old Fourth Ward. It will further show corruption amongst the decision makers. This article isn’t a primary source; therefore, the arguments proposed could be false. What if the decisions weren’t market-driven? What if the author missed something important? What if they used information that would  only support their thesis? These questions must be taken in consideration when using this source; however it is still an great source because the argument given is understandable based on the grounds given.

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