Annotated Bibliography 1

Holliman, Irene V. “From Crackertown To Model City? Urban Renewal And Community Building In Atlanta, 1963-1966.” Journal Of Urban History 35.3 (2009): 369. Publisher Provided Full Text Searching File. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

This article, written by a historian at the University of Georgia, studies the mayor, business men, organizations, and residents in Atlanta during the 1960’s during the urban renewal phase. There are two sides to the issue. Some wanted the money for public housing and others thought it should be spent to protect the property values of business districts. The problems arise because of site selections, limited funding, and planning. This article will further my research because it will provide information about the planning aspect of the urban planning time period of Atlanta. This source is the correct time period and place for my research. I will receive more details about the people’s resistance to the new plans and their plans to keep their homes. The article is not a primary source. Just like myself, the author of this article had to conduct research. The article could miss some information that could be useful; however, it is still relatively important because it will give informative insight on the city councils and business associates reactions to the troubles placed upon them. It will also show what precautions the public took to keep their neighborhoods from being torn apart.

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