CCI Pitch Presentation Mockup

This is a mockup.

Hello everybody, I am Kris Luangamath and my presentation is largely centered on the website content. Currently, the Center for Civic Innovation’s website works very well in design and providing information. However, it is my intention to point out areas where we can improve the website in order to maximize usability, accessibility, and receptivity. I believe that if we improve these qualities, then audience response to the CCI website, will increase.

Previously, my team specified the audience (unconfirmed) as young professionals and community leaders; I intend to emphasize their presence in the potential website redesign. Because the demographic is largely involved in community, business, leadership, and the like, I believe that we should emphasize generally qualities that these areas tend to focus on; simplicity, conciseness, and straightforwardness. Through the emphasis of these qualities, we can form a more audience-focused image.

From this point on, I will point out a couple of areas of improvement.

The CCI homepage is minimalist. It contains the mission, some statistics, and some services. However, it lacks intuition; the audience still doesn’t know what the Center for Civic Innovations is about. Is it a nonprofit or a business? Is it our intention to offer workspaces? Workshops? Resources? The homepage is important for first impressions; thus, I believe that we can improve the existing webpage by making CCI’s intentions known through a well written description.

As Andrew discussed before, the navigation is redundant and complex. He pointed out that we could reduce the number of menus and reorganize the site to make it more user-friendly. I believe that this could be done by regrouping the menu items so that we can better reorganize its information; for example, putting all of the offered services (Workspace, Membership, Resources, etc.) under one menu and all events (Events, News, Blogs, Workshops, etc.) under another. This straightforward thinking saves young professionals valuable time to find information on the website.


There are a couple of more fixes, such as reducing content information on the contacts page, or altering the design to reflect the mood and tone of Center for Civic Innovations’s environment. However, I think we should start with these potential fixes because they’re on the front lines to audience reception. Thus, by adding these alterations to things we can address, we can emphasize our audience focus and maximize a positive audience response.


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