Undergraduate Students

Savitha Narayanaswamy

Savitha is a senior at Georgia State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. She is a part of the Honors College, the Golden Key Honors Society, the National Honors Society, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She hopes to attend medical school with a specialization in Psychiatry. In addition to her studies, she enjoys volunteering at hospices and is a Red Cross Young Professionals board member. Savitha is currently working on a manuscript detailing updated norms for the Auditory Consonant Trigram (ACT) test as a measure of working memory and exploring its relationship with the norms of related neuropsychological measures. She has presented at GSURC and was also a recipient of the Research on the Challenges of Acquiring Language and Literacy (RCALL) undergraduate research fellowship. In her free time, she loves to read psychological fiction, crochet, and spend time with friends and family. 

Milu Parrilla

Milu is a junior at Georgia State University majoring in Biology, with hopes of attending medical school. She is a Goizueta Scholar and part of the Honors College. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Georgia about three years ago. Last summer, she participated in the Brains and Behavior program where she began developing her ongoing research project. She is currently working on a manuscript exploring the relationship between sleep and executive memory in college students. She has done poster presentations at VPURC and GSURC. For her VPURC presentation, she was awarded the Neuroscience Award for best presentation in the field of neuroscience and the Diversity Award Runner Up. In her free time, she loves to read, play volleyball, and spend time with her friends, family, and dog Mei

Naveen Thourani

Naveen is a senior at the Georgia State University Honors College. He is currently majoring in Psychology with a pre-med concentration. He has worked as an undergraduate research assistant at the DNP-ATL lab since May 2021 and is currently working on his honors thesis detailing the relationship between white matter hyperintensity volumes and cognitive flexibility performance in long-term survivors of childhood cerebellar tumors. He has also worked in the lab as a part of the Brains & Behavior Summer Research Program in 2022. He hopes to attend an MD-PhD program in the future and continue to be involved in neuropsychology, eventually becoming a professor at an academic hospital. Naveen is also a research assistant for the Healthy Brains Study.

As part of a mentoring workshop, Naveen was tasked with putting together a video on his current lab project with his mentor Holly! Please watch to hear more about Naveen’s impressive research.

Sedi Ejuoneatse-Clarke

Sedi is a sophomore at Georgia State University Honors College, currently majoring in Neuroscience with a pre-med concentration. She’s a research assistant at Dr. King’s Developmental Clinical Neuropsychology Across the Lifespan (DNP-ATL) Lab, and eager to expand her interests in cognitive sciences and study the effects of brain tumors. Sedi hopes to use this opportunity to further her education and aspirations of practicing medicine in the future. In her free time, she enjoys reading, puzzles, listening to music, and spending time with her friends and family.

Kylie Szymanski

Kylie is a junior psychology major whose research interests focus on executive function and cognitive development. As a Brains & Behavior research scholar, she investigated facets of executive functioning and daily living skills. Her poster titled, “Associations Between Task-Switching and Adaptive Behavior Outcomes in Survivors of Pediatric Brain Tumors” examined the relationship between decreased task-switching abilities and adaptive behavior outcomes for survivors of pediatric brain tumors. Kylie is excited to use her experience as a research assistant to further her knowledge of neuropsychology and learn skills that she can apply to her future career as a psychologist. Kylie is also a research assistant for the Healthy Brains Study.

Weston Rowe

Weston Rowe is a Junior at Georgia State University, pursuing a B.S. in psychology with a minor in biology. With an interest in psychometrics and the structural-functional relationships underlying cognition, he has been thrilled to contribute to the DNP-ATL Lab while gaining experience in the numerous dimensions of research. This fall, he will be assisting as part of the data acquisition team for the Healthy Brains Study. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a graduate degree and a career in the medical sciences. He enjoys graphic design, backpacking, and spending time with friends and family in his free time.

Cypress Kuhnel

Cypress is a senior at Georgia State University Honors College and is currently a Pre-med majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Biology. They are getting their sea legs in Dr. King’s DNP-ATL Lab and are excited to expand on functionality deficits and potential long-term developmental effects of brain tumors. They are also an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at GSU, a Research Assistant in the Healthy Brains Study with Dr. King, and love playing the piano, choir, violin, and cosplay.

Shirley Ortega

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Shirley-Ortega-Headshot-Portrait-682x1024.jpgShirley is a junior in the Honors College program at Georgia State University, majoring in psychology with a minor in neuroscience. She is a Goizueta Foundation Leadership Pipeline Scholarship recipient. Shirley is delighted to broaden her interests in neuropsychology by analyzing the behavioral and cognitive repercussions of children who have had specific health challenges in Dr. King’s Developmental Clinical Neuropsychology Across the Lifespan (DNP-ATL) Lab. Shirley joined this lab to strengthen her overall research abilities and, in particular, to learn more about brain function in the lab environment. Apart from academics, Shirley enjoys hiking, rollerblading, and playing tennis.

Allison Lipstein

Allison Lipstein and is a junior at GSU pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in neuroscience. She is an active member of the collegiate neuroscience society and a student assistant for the Gaucher Molecular Biology group at GSU. Her goal is to attend a graduate school for neuroscience or neuropsychology and become a research scientist. She has always loved working in labs and attended a magnet school named the Academy of Science Research and Medicine at Paulding County High School where she was able to gain a certificate of completion in biotechnology. She is excited to use this opportunity of working with the King Lab to explore the ins and outs of the nervous system and find a research topic that interests her to develop further. Outside of school and the lab, Allison loves to listen to music, paint and hang out with her cats

Micaela Merrill – Intern Student

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is micaela-791x1024.jpgMicaela Merrill  is a full time student at Truman State University, class of 2024, studying interdisciplinary neuroscience. She is currently working in Dr. King’s lab this summer for the Georgia Tech/Georgia State Neuroscience REU internship program. Micaela’s project explores how differences in the white matter microstructure of the cingulum may be associated with PTSD using deterministic tractography.