map of midtown atlanta

Screenshot of Google Maps with Atlantic Station pin dropped

The built environment of Atlantic Station promotes diversity of socioeconomic class, race, age differences among its visitors by providing a variety of stores and restaurants that a wide range of people are able to enjoy.


atl steel company

Atlantic Station was not always the aesthetically appealing outlet mall we know today. Before is become a stomping grounds for people of all races, backgrounds, and ages, it was the site of the Atlantic Steel Company. Originally established as the Atlanta Hoop Company, “the mill specialized in the manufacture of “wagon wheels and cotton bales.”   By the 1950’s, business soared with “more than 2,300 people employed at the mill, manufacturing 750,000 tons of steel products a year.” In the late 1970’s, the mill was bought by a Canadian steel manufacturer, Ivaco Inc. and Atlantic Steel was forced to cut back operations as the foreign competition in the steel industry increased in the 1980’s. in 1998, operations completely ceased.

Lindbergh_Station MARTA

Picture of a MARTA train car (

Atlantic Station provides shuttles to and from the Arts Center MARTA train station for visitors who use public transportation. Visitors can also utilize MARTA bus stations and the cab stand that are conveniently located in and around the shopping center. In my opinion, Atlantic Station makes it a point to ensure that it accessible to people from all socioeconomic classes. The MARTA buses operate on the weekdays from 4:45a.m. to 1:00 am and on the weekends from 6a.m. to 1a.m. the MARTA trains operate everyday with frequencies of about 20 minutes between each train.

atlantic station Christmas tree

November 23, 2013 Atlanta - People skate in the open air ice rink at Atlantic Station in Atlanta during the annual Christmas tree lighting on Saturday, November 23, 2013. The all-day celebration had live music, arts, live reindeer, delicious winter treats, and activities for the whole family. JONATHAN PHILLIPS / SPECIAL

Pictures of the Atlantic Station during the holidays


Sky view picture of Atlantic Station 

Much like every other part of Atlanta, there is almost always an event happening in Atlantic Station. During the holidays, Atlantic Station is known for having one of the tallest Christmas trees you have ever seen decorated in thousands of multicolored lights as well as the annual ice skating rink that is set up for the holiday season. Families and friends of all ages from all around the metro area come to Atlantic Station to take pictures and simply enjoy the scenery during this time. Atlantic Station is a popular spot during the summer as well, as the weather is typically great outing weather. There are multiple ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookie and candy shops to assist shoppers in satisfying their sweet tooth.

bodies exhibit

Picture from BODIES the Exhibition

“Atlantic Station is the permanent home for BODIES The Exhibition and often hosts Cirque de Soleil.”

Because Atlantic Station is located in the Mid Town, Atlanta area , it invites an array of people to interact there.  People of all ages, backgrounds, races, ableism, and social classes enjoy are able to enjoy a day out in Atlantic Station and its built environment allows this to happen.