Gordon, Clark Miller and Claire. “How a Lack of Imagination in Technological Design Harms the Disabled.” Slate. New America, 26 Feb. 2015. Web. 09 Feb. 2016.

In their article “Disabled by Design”, Clark Miller and Claire Gordon state that “the future consists of constant improvements in technology to improve the lives of disabled individuals”. It further explains “the ADA was not simply a declaration of the rights of people with disabilities, but a profound statement that the problem of disability was not inherent to bodies but rather a result of poor technological design”. The authors used secondary research as well as a study conducted on women in the army to support their thesis. The purpose of the article is to make a call for action among architects and engineers to create structures that are accommodating for people of all abilities. The intended audience is architects and engineers who are looking to design environments for everyone. This source is useful because information on how technology should be more of aid to those who are disabled and how designers of public space should be more considerate of disabled individuals.