Tips for taking Built Environment notes

  • Research your site first
  • Create a list of key terms to search
  • Record the sounds, images, smell, people (race, ageism, ethnicities, sexism,gender, abelism, classism)
  • Create a thesis: (e.g. The way Atlantic station is built encourages a lack of diversity.)
  • Create questions about the thesis

Annotated bibliographies (5″ish”-sentence pattern)

  • Write the citation first
  • Follow the 5-sentence pattern
  1. Who is author and why are they qualified? Introduce the name of the text and state the thesis. Quote the thesis or cite the paraphrase of the thesis. ALL IN ONE SENTENCE.
  2. What kind of evidence is used as support in the text? Interviews? Secondary sources?
  3. What is the author’s purpose?
  4. Who is the intended audience?
  5. Why/how is the source useful?
  • Include pictures! (LABEL & SITE THE IMAGES)
  • You need 3 sources for your external environment