Interior Built Environment: Digital Record 3


During the day, the huge paneled windows bring in a lot of natural light exposing the unique interior design of the diner. The floors and walls are all made of marble which provide a elegant touch to the place. International flags are hung all around the ceiling of the diner. All these aspects can be seen when entering the diner were you have a choice of enjoy you meal on the tables, booths, or at the bar.

Interior Built Environment: Digital Record 2


The Landmark Diner itself is beautifully designed authentic diner. The panels that make up the diner are shiny and reflective almost like mirrors. Neon lights extended all around the diner and make up the letters on the signs. Through the big window panels you could see interior design of the diner with drapes and potted flower beds on the window sills. The combination of the unique architecture, interior design, and neon lights; I could imagine that this diner attracts many nighttime travelers for a good bite to eat after a long night out, especially since its a 24 hour diner.