Dear John Lewis, 

The voting rights protest resulted in Jimmie Lee Jackson being beaten and murdered by cops. Malcolm X was assassinated. You decided to part ways with the SNCC due to a difference in where the movement should be headed. Bloody Sunday happened where you got badly hurt. After Bloody Sunday, a march began again. The Voting Rights Act was signed into law in 1965. The scenes of the violence Jimmie Lee Jackson faced and that happened Bloody Sunday were hard to look at. Violence is something I knew that happened during the Civil Rights Era but seeing it so vividly in drawings really puts it into perspective. The determination everyone had to still go on after such violence is really inspiring. I assume you added detailed pictures so the reader could really grasp the intensity of what happened. I find similarities in this movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.  When black people are killed by police for no reason, mass protest in person and online starts. I think people’s determination to start change is inspired by what you and other activists did. One difference is the amount of violence. I haven’t seen any protests turn as bad as that in the United States and I hope it stays that way. #inspiring #BLM

Thanks for inspiring people,


Kendall Adams

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