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Legislation to allow non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD, the most indicated medical component of the plant) oil for Georgia’s 150,000 epilepsy patients. The bill revives a long-dormant program allowing Georgia academic institutions to distribute medical cannabis to those suffering from medical conditions.


  • National Epilepsy Foundation says, “If an epilepsy patient and their doctor feel that cannabidiol is their best treatment option then they need to have safe legal access to medical marijuana and they need that access now.”
  • Over 200 families in Colorado are currently using “Charlotte’s Web”, a strand high CBD and low in THC (the component that causes a “high”) and 85% showing significant reduction of seizure activity. Administered orally, NOT smoked, in oil base form.
  • 20 other states have legalized medical cannabis, and 13 states have pending legislation
  • 100’s of Georgia’s parent’s with small children have had to hospitalize their child with debilitating, chronic seizures with little hope of recovery. They have heard of the cannabidiol treatment however don’t have the access due to Georgia’s state law.



Please contact your Georgia state Representative and Senator to support HB885. If you are unsure who your legislators are go to www.senate.ga.gov or www.legis.ga.govIf you don’t help children will continue to suffer in Georgia and some may die! Please don’t allow the sadness to continue in Georgia.”


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