5. Community Stakeholders

Professor Palmiter unfortunately I wasn’t able to obtain interviews however was able to view media comments as related to stakeholders:

Rep Allen Peak (Photograph) (n.d)http://gapundit.com/2014/03/03/audio-rep-allen-peake-passage-hb-885-medical-cannabis-bill/

Senator Renee unterman on HB 885 (Audio) (n.d). retrieved from https://soundcloud.comgapundit-1/senator-renee-unterman-on-hb-1

Marijuana Political cartoon (photograph) (n.d). retrieved from https://www.soberstoner.com/post/70733160876/coporate-america-doesnt-give-a-damn-about-your

Matt Ramsey (photograph) (n.d). retrieved from www.mattramsey.org

Ronnie Chance (photograph) (n.d). Retrieved from http://www.senate.ga.gov/senators/en-US/SenateLeaddership2013.aspx

The above media few were taken prior to the last day of the legislation. All parties to include Renee Unterman appear and sound to be united as related to the problem and solution. Unfortunately we found out afterwards it was about certain self agendas were in affect. What I also found interesting was the media on the “marijuana political cartoon” which stated, “you’ll get the medicine but it won’t be the medicine you need,” however it didn’t offer a different prospective nor solution.




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