Discrimination against LGBTQ

One of the main reasons that LGBTQ people are more vulnerable to HIV and AIDS is due to being discriminated. According to the Human Rights Campaign, in more than half of the states in the U.S., it is legal to discriminate anyone based on their gender in more than one aspects, including employment, housing, and public accommodations and not all states provide explicit anti-discrimination protection for LGBTQ people. Due to that, it resulted in job loss, homelessness, no healthcare, etc. and lead to LGBTQ people engaging in sexual behaviors that spread AIDS and HIV. It is also claimed that HIV and AIDS spread faster due to being discouraged by the community when getting tested for the diseases mainly because of harassment towards their sexuality and gender. 

I feel like I am not seeing the reason as to why people would even attempt to discriminate anyone based on their gender or sexuality. Is it because the majority should get more power? If so, why should popularity control what we do and don’t do? It’s not fair for the minority to get shoved around and become followers and not the leader. The minorities such as LGBTQ should get a say for this. 

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