Color Walking

colorwalk_2In this article, the authors talk about how they came upon an experiment inspired by William Burroughs, an american novelist. William Burroughs labeled the experiment as “color walking” and in this experiment you would simply walk outside and pick a color that is most striking to you. Once you’ve identified your color, you will then see how objects in your surroundings begin to pop. This experiment was done to bring more attention to the environment and pay better attention to details. Bennin and McMullan chose to do the experiment by jumping from color to color instead of focusing on one color. The authors mention that with this perspective they “walked away seeing a world brimming over with colors: the rusty orange of a rooftop water tower in the sun, a bright blue mohawk, and the humble yellowy greens of a new leaf”. At the end of the article the authors suggest some tips for people who may want to give the experiment a try.

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